Your integrated annual report represents your company’s biggest investment in business communication. Content remains king for stakeholders. Is your integrated annual report well written and accessible to your target audience? Does it effectively communicate all the ways your company creates value for its stakeholders? Does it demonstrate how the concept of sustainability is integrated into your business strategy and operations? We have extensive business and financial experience, and understand the numbers behind the words. We specialise in clear, simple writing that gets the message across.

Integrated Reporting

Integrated Reporting is a new and rapidly evolving field. Driven by an increased focus on corporate governance, led in South Africa by King IV, companies are obliged to make sure that financial and non-financial information is presented to stakeholders on an equal footing.

The burden of preparing an integrated annual report – a significant undertaking in its own right – is becoming more complex as best practice guidelines evolve. These include the International Integrated Reporting Council’s IR Framework, the Global Reporting Initiative’s GRI Standards on reporting of sustainability information, the best-practice corporate governance requirements in guidelines such as King IV and listing requirements on stock exchanges including the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

These guidelines demand a more data-driven approach to reporting – letting the numbers tell the story – than the old narrative approach. This adds another layer of complexity to your reporting, requiring that your company’s commitment to economic sustainability, environmental sustainability, social sustainability and good governance is evident through quantifiable progress rather than fluffy feel-good claims.

Corporate Content has more than seven years experience in corporate reporting and specialises in Integrated Reporting. We have worked with clients that include African Rainbow Minerals, Metair, Mpact, the NBI, AECI, Santam, Spar and Spur.

Professional integrated and sustainability report preparation

Justin Wolff effectively integrates your financial and sustainability reporting. As a Chartered Accountant with experience in finance, assurance and report writing, he can help you meet your reporting obligations by creating reports that align to the latest best-practice guidelines and standards.
• Full integrated and sustainability report structuring, writing and editing
• Gap and peer report analysis

Corporate Communication

Our focus is on business communication in all its forms. We can help with writing articles or reports from brief, or with editing final copy. From internal and external reports to brochures, white papers, by-lined articles, press releases and everything in between, we aim to be the number one source of effective business communication.

Clients include World-Check, Thomson-Reuters and RECM